Anything will change over time, as well as home. After a long time inhabited, the house will show signs of inevitable damage. The main structures of houses such as beams, columns, and cracked walls are commonly found in degraded homes. This rift not only affects the aesthetics of the house but also has the potential danger if there is no quick and effective handling. Do not worry because this book of ideas will provide you with maintenance solutions, efficiency improvements and anti-crack knowledge for your favorite home. For conventional homes reinforced with concrete frame systems, the causes of wall cracks are usually caused by one or more factors. The main reason is that the heat of the sun and heavy rain directly affect the structure to be elastic due to temperature differences and cause cracks in walls and beams. The solution is the expansion of the joint, a small gap between the adjacent positions of the structural system that allows the structural system to flex or ‘breathe’ easily. Unfortunately, this solution is often neglected in the construction and design. It is worth to discuss with us the free foundation repair estimate in Grand Prairie TX.

You need to be active in being an anti-crack wall with creative solutions. It is also necessary to actively prevent cracking by using a strong and durable coating product, not easily degraded when exposed to UV light directly from the sun. With cracked walls, you can strengthen it by searching for cracks like marking a 5 mm-1cm crack area, then using silicone glues with care. Wait for the glue to dry. After a few hours, you can grind the surface of the glue and paint again roughly. For severe wall cracks, you can sculpt the floor, clean the rough walls, then fix the concrete walls, and paint the walls like the beginning of workmanship. When in the process is not careful or there is a mistake, make an anchor to the wall, on the beam, there is often a big gap. Fix this cracked area by cutting deep grooves, then clean and moisten the rough walls. Next, squeeze silicone or fix mortar, glue or dry mortar. Then you can polish and paint the wall like the original.