When you take a walk to the mall, try to focus down. Maybe you’ll find girls and even guys wearing colorful canvas shoes. It’s called espadrilles, casual shoes made of canvas or cotton with flat, flat soles. No wonder, espadrilles shoes are back a trend since some time ago. It is said that espadrilles are a Catalan farmer’s shoe from the early 13th century. This shoe was introduced in the period 1950-1960 by an XX century designer Yves Saint Laurent with wedges version. But as the trend of consumers who love the casual style of chic and booming dress casual style, espadrilles now more often found a flat version. Visit our website to get Espadrille pas cher.

This type of footwear that impress masculine is widely worn by women to give the impression androgyny or just want to look casual but still chic. The material used also absorbs sweat and the base does not make the foot quickly tired. The characteristic of the espadrilles shoe lies on the sole piece woven with hemp rope. Not infrequently the upper shoe model was created from canvas material. A number of brand footwear was a lot of presenting espadrilles with a variety of motifs or details.