Having a home is everybody’s dream, but it’s no less important than building a house that you also have to figure out how to take care of the house. Because the finished house definitely needs extra care because there are some problems with the house such as cracked walls, for example, the cause of the tensile crack is due to a decrease in the soil surface. This is common in every building anywhere. Will not jeopardize the condition of the building as long as this decline occurs simultaneously. But on the contrary, this condition would be quite dangerous if this decrease occurs simultaneously. At certain points will cause different elevation changes in buildings. This can be seen from the crack shape that looks wider at the top and smaller on the bottom. Some of the causes can be due to various things such as uneven solidification of the body of the building, erosion at the bottom of the foundation of the building caused by the flow of water flowing in the area, unevenly concentrated loads on buildings, minor earthquakes, Other things. So for that, it is important for you to contact concrete crack repair .

The cause of crack press due to overloading of the wall, from above the wall surface and from below the surface of the wall simultaneously. This can happen because of the consequences of a supporting pole or a column of buildings that are not working properly, so some loads must be borne by the wall. The thing that should happen is, the load will be channeled by ringback to the building column to be distributed to the sloof below it. Also from the bottom, there is an upward pressure due to movement of the ground. This is what causes the crack press.

If the cause of the cracked house wall of the structure is due to the declining foundation, the solution can be taken by creating a new foundation adjacent. The first thing to do is to do the compaction on the ground under the new location to be built. After that proceed with the creation of a new building buffer column so that the load distribution from sloof and ringback can be perfectly distributed. But if the cause of the crack due to structural damage to the beam, it should be noted first whether it is possible to be made additional columns of the building at the bottom. If it is not possible again to do the solution, another solution that can be done is to inject/grouting with a special chemical fluid (epoxy) as a binder crack. After that can be done with the addition of dimension beam with outside reinforcement.