Welder are used to hold various pieces of stained glass together in a stained glass panel. To achieve professional quality, solder lines should be smooth and uniform. This can be achieved by following the basic steps and using the quality of equipment and equipment. Equipment and supplies needed for soldering include soldering iron, solder and flux. The welding iron must have a ceramic heating element with either built in temperature controller or plugged into a separate temperature control unit. Welder used needs to mix 60/40 alloy for most of your soldering. For soldering decorative, 60/37 welder alloy blends are recommended. Liquid fluid Non-smoking is the highest ratings.

Metal mass is the usual heat sink, and a good weight pair of pliers will often do the trick on the other hand, if the joint has a large surface area and is exposed to the air, it may spread the heat away too quickly. This can be overcome by attaching the joints in the temporary fireplace brick, or by burying part of it in the ash bed. Never put together on a good performing surface.

Special flux or paste is required. Braze (or bronze) welding uses the same type of alloy, but instead runs to the fillet joints built on the surface. If the joint is small, it may be possible to reach the required temperature with blowlamp gas, by playing fire directly on the joint. If this does not work, a stronger source of heat is required. Best ratings welder attachments available for use with arc welders. This usually takes the form of two fixed carbon bars in a hand clamp. The bow is made between the two ends of the rod, and the resulting fire is used to heat the joint. This source is strong and vicious, so it is advisable to practice this method before attempting to use it for repairs.