Choosing a villa to stay is not an easy matter because you have to pay attention to various factors that exist there. You can choose Trisara Private Villa Resort as the best villa to stay in Phuket. The number of villas that you can choose it can sometimes make you confused. However, some of these tips you can use to get the best villa in Phuket.

1. Choose the one that provides the kitchen
If there is a kitchen in the villa when you are cooking all the food you want and will make you save. In addition, you do not need to buy food outside and look for it again because you can make it yourself in the villa.

2. Big beds
The holidays that you do can make you relax by choosing a villa with a big bed and of course, its can be comfortable. It can also make you bring a lot of friends because of the size of the big bed.

3. Spacious villa
With an adequate villa area then you can feel a more comfortable holiday atmosphere.