Halloween is a fun party that you can go to. There, you may use an attractive, spooky mask or costume that fits the designated theme. You can find karnevalové masky in the right place and in accordance with the party that was held.

In addition to costumes and makeup, usually, that needs to be considered in Halloween party is the food there. There are some food ideas for Halloween that you can make.

1. Spooky fingers
You can make it with chocolate and almonds. Make the cake is a creepy finger and will add a spooky atmosphere at the party.

2. Popcorn
as food that is never lost in time, then this food must be at the party. the sweet and savory taste will make your party more festive and the color is a little dark show a little spooky atmosphere at the party.

3. The eyes of monsters
this food you can provide at the Halloween party because it is in the form of a large monster and in accordance with the theme of the party.