If you wash the car, there must be some parts that often forget you clean it because it is covered by other parts or feel that the part is not important to clean. In fact, all parts in the car really need to be cleaned regularly. You can use the services of auto detailing san diego to get proper car cleaning in all parts of the car.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who forget to clean some parts of this car and end up with parts that become dirty. Some parts that often forget to clean are

1. Dashboard
Use a clean cloth that is then dampened with baby oil or olive oil, to clean the scratches on the dashboard. this is important to do because many people assume that the part is always clean and no need to be cleaned again. And you never know how many dirt and germs are there and can cause you to feel uncomfortable in the car.

2. Carpets
Dry dust on the carpet can be removed with pieces of potatoes rubbed into stains.
Another way is to wash the carpet using water. Or can also sprinkle baking soda into the carpet or coating before being sucked using a vacuum cleaner. This is the most appropriate way you can use to clean the carpet. As a part that is under and often trampled, the carpet must be cleaned periodically and completely clean so that no dirt and dust stuck there.

3. Car ceiling
This section often forgets to be cleaned, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Many people forget to clean it because they think it is never dirty. In fact, all the parts in the car have the potential to have dust and dirt that accumulate. So, do not forget to always clean it.

4. Leather seats
To clean the car seat made of leather, use baby oil.
Wet clean laps using baby oil and then smooth every side of the car seat so there are no blisters in the section.