Many people think that exercising will be very appropriate if balanced by consuming a lot of right drinks. In fact, there are some drinks that not may be consumed while you are running the sporting process. Yerlebih if you exercise to increase your stamina. Knowing the nitric oxide formula is the best way to maintain your stamina.

In addition, there are several types of beverages in which the content is not appropriate for consumption.

– Soda Drinks Despite its sweet taste, soft drinks can cause stomach problems when consumed before or after performing any type of sporting activity. Soft drinks can cause acidity problems in the digestion. It can also lead to a sharp increase in insulin, followed by a drastic reduction in blood sugar levels after exercise.

– Caffeine The influence of caffeine can vary on everyone. Some people may feel that caffeine provides more energy while exercising. Others may feel nervous or find it difficult to concentrate after consuming caffeine-containing beverages. In addition, drink intake such as tea and coffee can lead to dehydration during exercise.