Use honing steel at a time between sharpening so that knife sharpness is not reduced. honing steel, or often simply called “steel” is not normally used to sharpen a blunt knife, but is used to keep the knife firmly between use. Regular use of honing steel may delay the necessity of using grindstones or gems. This is a good thing because the use of grindstones and gems will erode the metal from the edge of the knife thus shortening its lifespan. The less you use the grindstone, the longer your knife can be used.

What is the use of honing steel? Honing steel aligns the metal on the knife, eliminates the small incision, the curve, and the flat spots. Compared with grindstones, honing steel does not erode the metal layer of the knive.

– Hold the honing steel with your left hand. The shaft should be held at a convenient angle facing away from the body. The end of the stem should be higher than the handle of the stem.

– Hold the knife firmly with your right hand. Four fingers should hold the handle, while the thumb is placed on the handle of the knife, away from the edge of the knife.

– Hold the knife about 20 ° from the honing steel. The angle does not need to be precise, enough to be guessed. Whichever corner you choose, be sure to stay constant during the sharpening process. The angle that changes during the sharpening process does not smooth the metal as much as a consistent angle.

– Keeping the 20 ° angle, move the knife at the top of the middle honing steel. The movement begins with the base of the knife touching the stem and ends with the tip of the knife touching the stem. To master this process, you must move your arms, hands, and wrists. The most important part is moving the wrist. Otherwise, you can not sweep the entire bar – the base to the end – along with the honing steel.

– Keeping the 20 ° angle, move the knife at the bottom of the middle of the honing steel. With the same sweep of the arm, hand, and wrist, move the knife gently on the bottom of the center of the stem. Use the pressure as much as the weight of the knife itself. After completing the top and bottom sweep, you have one session.

– Perform 6-8 sessions with honing steel before the knife is ready for use.