One of the reasons why an applicant is accepted is how much experience they have in the related field. Logically, companies prefer employees who “know better” than those who do not. How can I have work experience if I am a fresh graduate myself? And every vacancy requires minimum work experience? Well, this is a difficult question to find the answer. Therefore, while still having the opportunity, keep yourself in the business by trying new things, especially while still in college, although the experience is not relevant to the field that you will be applying. If you get ready to apply for a job, then you can go to

CV should also be your concern but why? Curriculum Vitae or CV is a document that must be attached to every job applicant. Here, all information about you is included, from personal data, education, achievements, and so on. Therefore, it is important for you to make a good CV and interesting. An interesting CV is one that contains the applicant’s complete information in detail, but not long-winded.